[remote or in person] Chicago Police District Council 015 Regular Meeting

Chicago Police District Councils
Criminal Justice

Thursday, May 9, 2024
6:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m. CDT

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5437 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60651 Chicago, IL 60651 (Directions)

Westside Health Authority

This is an in-person assignment and will include an additional hour of pay. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK the meeting details on the day of your assignment, as dates and locations sometimes change.

Pre-Research Resources

  • City Bureau: “Can the Neighbors We Elect to Police District Councils Redefine Public Safety?”
  • City Bureau” “Chicago’s New Police District Councils, 4 Months In”
  • Find My Beat and District: Interactive map of police district boundaries
  • Chicago Reader/Block Club Chicago: Information about the candidates who ran for this council in the municipal elections
  • The TRiiBE: “ECPS coalition wins a wide majority of Chicago’s new Police District Council seats”

Check the source website for additional information


Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Jacqueline Thomas

Police misconduct discipline arbitration, Consent decree independent monitoring team


Agency Information

Chicago Police District Councils

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Each of the 22 District Councils is made up of three people elected by residents of the police district in regular municipal elections every four years, though anyone can participate in District Council work, and the more people who participate, the more effective the District Councils can be. The first District Council elections occurred in February 2023. Just as Chicagoans vote for a mayor and a local ward Alderperson, they also vote for up to three people to serve on the District Council.

The District Councils have several key roles:

  • Building stronger connections between the police and the community at the district level, where the community is a true partner in making the neighborhood safer. They can work with the police to address problems and set priorities.
  • Collaborating in the development and implementation of community policing initiatives.
  • Holding monthly public meetings, where residents can work on local initiatives rooted in community concerns and priorities. They can also raise and work to address concerns about policing in the district, and increase accountability.
  • Working with the community to get input on police department policies and practices. Working to develop and expand restorative justice and similar programs in the police district.
  • Ensuring that the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability gets input from the community, so that the Commission’s work will be based on what people in neighborhoods across the city are concerned about.
  • Nominating members of the Community Commission. Anyone who serves on the Community Commission must first have the support of elected District Council members.

(Source: Municipal Code of Chicago, 2-80-070(a) and (e))

For a map of police districts, visit https://www.chicagocityscape.com/maps/index.php#/?places_type=chipolicedistrict.


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