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Live reporting by Ashley Williams
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Proposed DDOT service changes are met with skepticism due to lack of bus drivers and failure to meet current bus route timing.

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Hi Detroiters!👋I’ll be live-tweeting tonight's Public Hearing for Proposed DDOT Service Changes meeting for #DETdocumenters at 5:00 PM.
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02:41 PM Nov 16, 2023 CST

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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tonight's meeting will cover details for the proposed changes and allow for feedback on the proposal.
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Daytime frequency would increase to every 10 minutes (currently 15) on weekdays and 15 minutes (currently 30) on weekends for the 9 Jefferson route is the proposal.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 10/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Proposed design & layout - this would allow buses to stay in the lane, and not have to dodge traffic. This would allow for quicker pick ups/drop offs.
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Bus stop consolidations are also part of this plan - 1/4 mile spacing proposed.
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Currenlty the 16 runs every 22 minutes. This would be a 2 minute improvement. The 18 currently starts at 1-hour frequency, but would be movnig to a 45 min frequency all day.
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The meeting is now open for public comment. Verbal comments tonight will be recorded in public record. Comments not made tonight can be emailed to by Dec 15.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 17/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #1: Says changes are encouraging, but want DDOT to continue to be vocal/transparent about changes. Says Dexter and Jefferson changes are helpful, but Fenkell bus isn't timely anyway. Says he doesn't know how they can promise these timings when short drivers.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 18/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #2: In agreement with previous commenter. Not enough drivers, is this a good time to promise this? How is this possible?
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 19/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #3: Resident of Farmington Hills and regular DDOT rider; support for these service improvements. Concerned about peak period additional trips, saying it is vague language - When? How many? May be better to priortize basic amenties, ie. lack of benches/shelters on Greenfield.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 20/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #4: Support of improvements, but share concerns of other commenters. Important to prioritize reliability - what is being promised needs to be delivered, and that requires more drivers. Maryland stop is a big transfer point between DDOT/SMART - would like to see stop maintained.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 21/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #5: With Transit Justice Team; winter is approaching and we don't have enough shelters protecting ADA/student riders as is. If this is able to be accomplished, it would be greatly appreciated. Other routes need updating too.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 22/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #6: Handicap individial that uses an electric wheelchair; uses DDOT services frequently. Issues with drivers saying the bus is too full when visibly not, and equipment isn't working properly. Missed 6 appointments in 2023 due to drivers not being willing to pick him up.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 23/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #7: Agree with other commenters, really excited about "service changes" and being positive. Concerned about DDOT's ability to make these changes a reality. Says there are really chronic problems with servicing wheelchair users.
Ashley Williams @williams_ashsue 24/31
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit #8: Sorry to the wheelchair user. Changes seem like a lot of resources going into Jefferson, and would like to see more done to the routes that go through neighborhoods.
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit That rounds up public comment.
Comments may also be submitted by Dec 15:
Detroit Department of Transportation
ATTN: Jan 2024 Hearing
100 Mack Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
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@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Patrinick also shared in chat that supplemental trips don't change base frequncy, but they add a single trip in between two other trips.
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